DFlow on Mainnet: The Open and Fair PFOF Standard

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Introducing a New Financial Primitive: the Order Flow Contract

For the first time, the decentralized Order Flow Contract allows retail order flow to be purchased at fair market rates

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Example Order Flow Contract

New Market-Making Opportunities

For market makers, the Order Flow Contract enables novel trading strategies that incorporate retail order flow and improve alpha in today's increasingly competitive markets.

Decentralized Order Flow Auctions

DFlow auctions enable market makers to compete for order flow. By purchasing an Order Flow Contract, a market maker gains the ability to see and fill private retail order flow on chain in a fully-decentralized manner.


Since auctions are always ongoing, market makers can choose which auctions they participate in based on their high-resolution market outlooks, only committing to purchase order flow in small batch sizes.

Non-Toxic Flow

The order flow purchased by market makers is non-toxic thanks to tokenomic incentives that discourage toxic order flow from entering the system while rewarding non-toxic order flow.

Explore integrating the Order Flow Contract into your DeFi market making strategies