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Receive stable,
recurring revenue

Receive predictable USDC revenue when you route customer orders to DFlow. A network of institutional market makers openly compete in auctions for the rights to execute order flow.

Offer the
best prices

Every order is executed at the best available market price – or better. In addition, trades using DFlow liquidity are executed without slippage and do not pay liquidity provider fees.

Save your
customers money

Let your users know when you save them money. DFlow eliminates transaction costs from slippage and market makers regularly offer price improvements. Turn customer savings into your competitive edge.

Unlock your order flow’s value

Annualized earnings

Monthly trading volume


Products that work together

DFlow offers everything you need to unlock sustainable revenue and improve execution quality.
Drive user growth by focusing on what matters – better prices and cheaper trading for your users.


  • Integrate in under 30 Minutes

    Use DFlow APIs to fetch quotes and route orders. DFlow does not require changes to your existing infrastructure and works together with other existing liquidity sources.

  • Receive predictable payments

    Know how much your order flow is worth before you deliver and receive USDC immediately when you deliver. You get paid on every single order.

  • Accelerate user growth

    Route orders to DFlow to save your customers money. Orders are cheaper than existing liquidity solutions and are always executed at the best prices – or better.

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