DFlow on Mainnet: The Open and Fair PFOF Standard

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High-Resolution Order Flow Markets

Introducing a New Financial Primitive:

The Order Flow Contract

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Institutional Market Maker Powered Liquidity

Decentralized Liquidity for DAOs and Protocols

Infrastructure for a New Class of DeFi Apps

For Order Flow Sources

Sell Your Liquidity

As a wallet operator, DAO, centralized brokerage, or other source of order flow, DFlow lets you sell your order flow at fair market rates; each order sent to DFlow is routed to a best-execution-enforced, professional-grade market maker and filled without delay.

Market makers are contractually obligated to fill each order at a price better than or equal to the best market price available. This is enforced cryptographically and immutably.

For DAOs & Protocols

Use DFlow to have institutional market makers price and fill your crypto-native product's order flow. An easy on-chain integration lets your retail users get filled on their order flow at fair prices quickly - all while you grow your treasury and reward your users.

For Brokerages & Wallets

Since professional-grade market makers bid against each other in real-time for your order flow, DFlow's high-resolution order flow markets allow you to earn more on your order flow, while first and foremost guaranteeing fair fill prices for your customers.

For Retail Traders

For the first time in DeFi, you can avoid expensive exchange and wallet swap fees and trade for free with DFlow. Professional-grade market makers fill your orders with guaranteed best execution, and DFlow rejects their fill at their economic loss if the fill fill price isn't fair.

Market Makers

Incorporate retail order flow into your strategies

Order Flow Sources

Earn on each trade made through DFlow

For Market Makers

Novel DeFi Strategies

For the first time, market makers are able to competitively bid on a new financial primitive, theĀ Order Flow Contract, in a decentralized continuous auction.

The Order Flow Contract allows professional market makers to privately fill batches of retail order flow.

Non-Toxic Order Flow

Non-toxicity of the order flow is baked into the system design from the start, allowing market makers to deploy novel DeFi trading strategies.

High-Resolution Markets

Order flow is auctioned off in batches continuously, meaning as soon as one auction ends, another begins. Market makers can dynamically choose which auctions to participate in, allowing incredible flexibility in their trading strategies.

Algorithmic Fairness

Transparency and fairness in trade prices are baked into the system. The DFlow protocol algorithmically and irrevocably guarantees fair fill prices for all retail order flow; by using decentralized price oracles as an analogue to the NBBO, DFlow ensures that no order is filled at a worse price than the best price available.