The decentralized order flow marketplace

Become a launch partner.


Market Makers

Participate in DFlow auctions, a new financial primitive.

Order Flow Sources

Monetize order flow transparently with no opaque contracts.


An open and fair PFOF standard

Order flow transacted on DFlow follows a set of strict built-in guidelines to ensure best execution and maximal competition.

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Transparent, live order flow prices

DFlow's market-driven approach to PFOF lets the public see live market prices for token pairs.

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Decentralized auctions – fully customizable

Easily batch, tranche, and manage order flow using one interface.

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Built for consumers

DFlow-powered apps protect your trades and save you money

Zero slippage

Only pay for what you see.

Guaranteed best execution

Receive, at minimum, the best available price.

MEV protection

Front-running is a risk of the past.

Zero fee swaps

For all trades. No hidden fees.

The DFlow Vision

Drive transparency and fairness in decentralized markets

Decentralization of order flow is necessary to ensure the most optimal execution environment for consumers.

Private or exclusive order flow leads to centralization and less competition.

Blockchain technology redistributes power from institutions back to individuals by reducing trust assumptions in the entire finance supply chain.

Algorithmically enforcing best execution through open-source on-chain programs.

There is an intense market need for monetization of order flow safely, freely, and with maximum competition.

Enabling the proper monetization of order flow allows the crypto application layer to develop novel features for the end users.